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Illuminate Your Space with Bondi Brewing Co. Neon Sign

Add a beachy vibe to your home, entertainment space, or business with Bondi Brewing Co.'s bespoke neon sign. It's not just a light, it's a symbol of beer, quality, and good time

**Choose Your Glow:**

Option 1: Choose a color that matches your mood or decor from our vibrant selection: serene blue of the ocean or fiery red of the setting sun. Your Bondi Brewing Co. logo will shine in the color of your choice, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere..

Options 2: Get ready to mix and match with our full-colour option. Use the remote to change colors, adjust brightness, and add some unique light effects. Perfect for setting any vibe - whether it's a relaxed night or a lively event:**

**Authentic Design:** Inspired by the laid-back, surf-centric culture of Bondi Beach, our neon sign features the Bondi Brewing Co. logo, ready to brighten any space with its vibrant glow.

**High-Quality Craftsmanship:** Made with premium, durable materials, ensuring your neon shines bright and endures over time.

**Energy Efficient:** Bright and vivid, yet energy efficient, thanks to the latest neon technology.

**Easy Installation:** Comes with everything needed for a quick and easy installation.

**Versatile Decor:** A perfect touch of cool, contemporary flair for any setting.


**Product Details:**

- Dimensions: 60cm x 22cm
- Material: High-quality neon tubing with clear acrylic backing
- Power: 240v with low energy power adapter
- Installation Kit Included
- Options: Available in single colour or full colour with remote and effect!

Colour Mode
Single Colour
Full Spectrum